Case Reports for GCMAF


Male aged in 70s with Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Bancer

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), is the most common and most aggressive malignant primary brain tumor in humans. Treatment can involve chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Median survival with standard-of-care radiation and chemotherapy with temozolomide is 15 months. Median survival without treatment is 4.5 months. Less than 15 % people survive 2 years.

Patient, aged in his 70s, used tumor derived cancer vaccine and then continued with GcMAF long-term. Patient still alive and well after 2 years.

60 year old male with Prostate cancer, Gleason score 8

  • 60 year old male, prostate cancer
  • Gleason score 8 (range 2 to 10)
  • Initial diagnosis Feb 2011
  • Feb 2011 radical prostatectomy, lymph node (–)
  • No hormonal therapy
  • PSA after surgery was increasing
  • Oct 2011-Dec 2011 radiation, 60 Gy dose
  • May 2012-Apr 2013 autologous serum GcMAF 72 times, IM (1500 ng/0.5 ml), high-dose IV vitamin C 60 g, 72 times
  • Regional Hyperthermia, 21 times (Thermotron RF8)
  • Feb 2013 MRI shows no metastatic tumors
  • 2014 Normal PSA 0.058 ng/ml, no recurrence

60 year old male with prostate cancer, Gleason score 8 diagnosed in February 2011. He received radical prostatectomy without hormonal therapy, but after the surgery his PSA was increasing again. He received radiation therapy, 60 Gray to his pelvic region. In May 2012, he presented at Saisei Mirai. He received 72 times 0.5 ml high-dose GcMAF (1500 ng/0.5 ml), high dose IV vitamin C 60g and 21 times regional hyperthermia using Thermotron RF8.

In February 2013, MRI showed no metastatic tumors. The latest PSA level in 2014 was 0.058 ng/ml with no recurrence.

74 year old male with prostate cancer and multiple bone metastases

High Dose GcMAF (1500 ng, 0.5 ml) was administered once a week (total 24 times) together with weekly high-dose intravenous vitamin C (total 39 times). Local Hyperthermia (Thermotron RF8) was added once a week (total 19 times). The patient had complete response. Primary tumor and multiple bone metastases have all disappeared according to the bone scintigram (bone scan/bone scintigraphy) and MRI.

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